Thursday, 18 September 2014

18 September 2014

Hi! I'm back! Again.....I am a lazy person to update blog...After 7 months, I decide to come back to make a update before my big big big exam ever. I will end my big big big exam in December so maybe I will be back here in December?

The reason why I am lazy to update my blog are:
1. No idea
2. Lazy to switch on the computer for update the that I am using my phone to update nw
3. More prefer to use Instagram?
4. No time....(have time also say no lol haha)
5. My degree is increasing...more lazy to on pc
6. Once I on pc...the pc pop out a lot of problem...lagging

And I am also very lazy in my study...always online using my phone
Hw can I sit for my exam?!
Hope that I will be hardworking day by day

I will be back with recipe post in the next time....maybe?

Good Luck to everyone who is going to take exams!

Today also my cousin, XJ's birthday! Happy Birthday to you!

By the way....Can find me in Instagram (@cherylxin) and Twitter (@xincheryl) LOL promote promote hahaha I always online there hahaha

Also has a facebook page with the 800+Likes...unfortunately...the page is not active anymore..Anyone interest to let the page active again? (No salary) Kindly DM me in insta or haha seems like promote somewhat? Hahaha

Bye! See you in next time!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Hi! I am back!

                   I am too lazy to update my blog, my last update was September last year...U Seeee!!!!! LAZY WORM HERE!!! I AM DEFINITELY A LAZY WORM....What am I doing till not update my blog for such long time? Watching K-DRAMA and RUNNINGMAN...and many things those kinds unuseful things haha! I always like to type haha, haha, haha and haha.....HAHAHA I also dunno why....

                Next time if I am rajin (broken English) I will make some change in my blog change the decoration and some else haha....actually I seldom online via com already since I have some folio and things to do so I have a look at here...and I saw there were many spider webs here haha.....

                I don't have what idea to update here so I share about the kdrama I am watching currently.....I know outside there also many people know about this drama...ya...that one la...Who You Came From The Star haha!

Let share some pics here that I grabbed from Google:

                 I found some unbelievable facts for me la...The main actress is 7 years older than the main actor....First, I thought maybe only 2-3years but it is 7 years...She really looks little young than her age. Many girls fall in love with the man actor nowadays haha...Hw about me? A nice person la haha!

         Hope that I will be back as soon as possible! 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Happy Birthday To FuYin :D

Today I'm going to write a post about birthday :)
Also an excuse for me to update my blog haha because I am very lazy to update my blog.

Happy Birthday FuYin! Happy Sweet 16! May God Bless You <3

Today she received presents from beloved friends! Yee and Lim shared to give her a present :D I asked her in that present she like what most, she said she likes all of it, so good haha!

A picture of  寿星 haha

We know each other more deeply since Form 1 till now. So she is one of my best friends!
And now she likes to play this ...Wolf...naega Wolf auuu and wants me to answer her Saranghaeyo hahaha. You must think why not geurae Wolf naega wolf? Bcause we nt remember abt the geurae haha I think after today maybe we will remember ady hahaha. She do this not because she like Exo because she like Taeun couple who gt see WGM must knw tis haha I nt see yet just hear from her :)

Hope that she will happy always :D And achieve what she wants to achieve ;)

She likes SNSD ~ She wants to have these stuffs, also wish her she can get these one day in future :D
Although I am not Sone but I think these stuffie are nice too hihi

We seems not have much picture hope that in future we can have more picture together :D

I have to off now tomorrow still school~AHHHHH! Semester2 exam also around the corner so I will not post for a long time lagi. Bye :D